Intimate Hygiene: Tips to take care of it.

Publish on :2022-06-20

Dear ladies, you gossip about everything with your fellow beings but when it comes to your intimate hygiene, you feel shy and restricted to talk. It’s high time when every woman needs to understand that talking about her hygiene is not wrong rather not discussing it is wrong. 

Safety and proper cleaning of genital organs is Intimate hygiene. Not only females but all teens should take interest in this. When they pass through puberty/menstruation, they should be taught right away about personal hygiene. Menstrual blood may lead to the growth of unwanted bacteria which causes many genital infections. Taking care of personal hygiene can also reduce the problems like abnormal white discharge, itchiness, dryness, bad odor & other related infections. 

Some tips for all females to maintain personal hygiene: 

1. Regular Bathing: Regular baths can lower the rate of genital infections, dryness & itchiness. Wash your intimate area regularly with the soap-free intimate wash. It is as necessary as taking care of the other body parts. 

2. Say No to Soaps: Soaps have high pH levels which disturb the healthy vaginal flora and pH of the vulva skin. Soap encourages the bad bacteria to grow rapidly which ultimately leads to infections, itchiness, and discomfort. So, soaps are not recommended for your intimate area. 

3. Wear Washed Undergarments: Your undergarments play an important role while talking about intimate hygiene. Try to wear little loose ones and of cotton material & avoid them during the night. Wash them regularly and dry them in the sunlight. It will reduce dryness, itchiness, rashes, and fungal infections which leads to good intimate hygiene. 

4. Use Natural Ingredients: Artificial chemicals and fragrances are more harmful to the private area. Choose natural ingredients like Lactic acid, Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Germ Oil & Aloe Vera. They all help in restoring healthy vaginal flora and in reducing dryness, itchiness, rashes & bad odor. 


Regular cleansing of intimate area is very important but with soap-free preparation. Follow these tips and also check out all the natural ingredients described above in one Product i.e Pubicare Advanced Intimate Wash for healthy intimate hygiene.