Can we do baby massage in the summer?

Publish on :2022-05-24

Every season can be a challenge for a newborn baby as well as for a new parent. The First 6 months are a little tuff for babies no matter what season is going on. Talking about summers, the baby’s skin is soft and sensitive and is more prone to sunburns, heat rashes & nappy rashes due to sweating. So, make sure that they are always feeling comfortable. A strong bond is developed between a parent and a child during this period.

As a parent, you always try to keep your baby happy and cheerful at any cost and always check the things twice before using them on your baby’s skin. Talking about baby massage, there is no such thing that we can’t massage them in summer. We only need to take care of what oils we are using for their massage. Massage always relaxes their body and muscles which ultimately gives them a calm, soothing & sound sleep. Gently massaging your baby will also be helpful in their overall growth & development. This practice has been performed by our Daadi & Naani. Their “Ghrelu Nuskhas” has always helped us, so you should carry their legacy with your kids as well.

Benefits of Baby Massage:

1. Reduces Gastric Problems: Giving a gentle massage to babies can help reduce their gastric and constipation issues. Massage gently puts pressure on their tummy which ultimately helps them to release gas outside. This way their digestive system can be put under control.

2. Improving their sleep: Massaging babies with oil can certainly put them in a relaxed mode and release their stress. This way babies get a sound sleep which will ultimately reduce their crying and grumpiness and they will feel happy and fresh all day.

3. Develops a strong bond: Massage develops a strong emotional bond between a mother & a baby. When a mother massages her baby, she talks and hums poems or songs to the baby. The babies also feel this emotion and respond to it by listening to it carefully. This way they both understand each other’s actions and respond accordingly & a pure bond gets developed.

4. Improves Blood circulation and growth: According to the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), baby massage helps to stimulate the circulatory and digestive systems. It helps improve blood circulation by creating pressure that makes the blood move through the congested areas. This same pressure is released, causing fresh blood to flow in.

Best Massage oil combination for baby’s skin:

Osta-D3 Massage oil has a unique combination of Aloe Vera oil and Olive oil enriched with Vitamins A, D & E. The benefits of its ingredients are as follows:

1. Aloe Vera Oil

Aloe Vera is completely safe for infant skin. Its fleshy leaves contain a natural gel that helps in the treatment of a variety of skin, digestive, and other medical conditions. Aloe Vera oil is especially good in treating infant rashes, dryness & itchiness of the skin.  

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants & Vitamin E, which further help skin development and functions. Olive oil has a hydrating agent named squalene which makes a baby’s skin more soft & supple and moisturizes it deeply. 

3.  Vitamin A, D & E

The Osta-D3 massage oil has the benefits of Vitamins A, D & E, which makes the baby's delicate skin very soft & gentle. Vitamin D & E makes the skin glow. 


In a nutshell, we always say that babies are god’s gift, and keeping them all time safe & protective is the mother’s duty. Mothers are always concerned about what product they are going to use on their baby’s skin. They become very choosy in this case and they have to be also.

The Osta-D3 massage oil has all the properties that a mother looks for in her baby’s skin. Buy here