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Ezycart Capsules

Treating joint pain (e.g. knee and hip pain) is challenging. Conventional synthetic drugs relieve pain in the short run but cannot check the progression of joint disease. Moreover, the consumption of these drugs is fraught with the risk of multiple serious side effects.

Ezycart capsule is a herbal remedy to restore joint health which is well-tolerated and safe for long-term use, also checks the progression of joint disease.

  1. Effective and safe herbal remedy for joint pain.
    Protects joint cartilage and restores joint health.
    Relieves the arthritis pain of the knee, hip, shoulder, or another joint
    Relieves joint aches in elderly people or joint pain due to strenuous physical activity.
    Increases joint mobility and improves daily functions.
    Free from the risks and side effects of synthetic pain-relieving drugs.
    Recommended dose: 1-2 capsules thrice daily for 3-6 months