Curcufit-X contains all herbal ingredients in an extract form to ensure maximum potency & safety. It helps in fighting against viral & bacterial infections. Curcufit-X has anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties which checks the replication process of virus. Thus Curcufit-X is very effective in Respiratory & Breathing problems.

  1. Contains 7 well-chosen natural herbs to fight infection
    Dual Strategy therapy strengthens the protective immune response to prevent infection as well as checks the progression of mild infection disease to severity.
    Curcufit-X contains "GILOY" to improve body's resistance to infection, "AMALAKI" (source of vitamin C) to prevent pathogen's entry into the body, and "TULSI" to exert antiviral, anti-bacterial and antifungal effects.
    Curcufit-X also contains "CURCUMIN" to check immune over-response, "MULETHI" to prevent oxidant-induced tissue damage, and "ASHWAGANDHA" to reduce inflammation and disease severity.
    "PIPERINE" in Curcufit-X increases the bioavailability and bioefficacy of other herbal ingredients multifold.

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